Marketing you can do on a limited budget.

Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have advertising budgets like Apple, Microsoft, Nike or other big corporations. These companies have skyrocketing budgets and spend millions of dollars a year in marketing and other advertising mediums. No need to worry, I am here to help.

The following are some of my favorite strategies to help you and your business grow on a limited budget.

  1. Create Content – This might seem like an obvious choice and very boring too, but creating content is an easy way to get more traffic. It will take time, but even if you create an article twice a week, or maybe 6x a month, you’ll have plenty of articles posted on your website in no time. Don’t know what to write about? Good question and we have the answer. Go over to and enter any keyword to get content ideas. This website will tell you what topics are trending and has a huge index to get those creative juices flowing. The great thing about this strategy is that you can write the content or you can outsource it for someone else to write. Either way, you can keep the expenses fairly low.
  1. Get a Google Ads Credit Promo – There are many ways to find promotion codes for Google Ads and this amount can vary anywhere between $50 to $500.00. Typically you need to spend a certain amount of money in the Google Advertising platform to get the credit, but it’s a good way to run ads for your business and reach potential new customers with a limited budget.

Email outreach – Don’t have an email list yet? Start one today and send emails to your customers and prospects. You can send emails about new product releases, services, specials or any new offers about your business. Feel free to contact me if you need help setting up your first email campaign.

  1. Social Media Engagement – Reach out and engage with your clients and prospects on your social media accounts. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to incentivize your customers with prices, specials, offers, quizzes, etc.

Google Business Profile – Make sure your Google Business Profile page, formerly known as Google My Business is fully optimized. Google changes the name every few years, but it’s basically what you see in Google Maps or Google search when you enter your business name. Make sure you take advantage of this online real estate by claiming your business and ensuring all the information is accurate. You can add descriptions, categories, products and services and upload photos of your business. You can also use the posting feature.

Review system – Make sure you have a good system in place for collecting reviews from your customers. Not only does it spread the word about your business, but it reassures potential customers that they can trust your brand, your products, or your services. Reviews are increasingly essential to the decision-making process. Make sure you always respond to customer reviews, even when it’s negative feedback.

There you go. These are just a few strategies you can use on a limited budget to get more visibility and traffic. There are many more. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need help setting things up or contact me if you want a free consultation.

To your success,


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